Richie Tipton

Richie Tipton

Whether you're familiar with Richie Tipton's solo work, Richie Tipton and The First Kings, Praying For Rain, NC Rail, or Billy the Six, you'll find information, photos, and sounds from his three decades in music right here.

This website is the digital hub for all things Richie Tipton. Not only will you find ghosts from the past, but you'll also be the first to hear new tracks and find out where he'll be playing next.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the blog section of the site. On the blog you will find posts for new tracks from his latest project Stream Engine, old tracks, photos, stories of his career as a musician and journalist, and updates on what's next.

Curious about Tipton's other endeavors? Visit The Farmer and The Writer pages, to read about his breeding of Kunekunes at Verde Farm or his adventures as a journalist in rural West Virginia.

Looking to buy Richie Tipton's music? Check out CD Baby where you can purchase Basin in the Rock and Richie Tipton and The First Kings. Basin in the Rock is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Tipton's music is like a sun shining its light onto the truth of the human experience. It's organic, raw, and yet sweet when you dig into it, much like the vegetables at the local farmer's market. So take a look around, fix yourself a plate of fresh sounds, and feed your soul one spoonful at a time.

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