Present Day

The latest project in the works for Richie Tipton is a collection of songs known as Stream Engine. The collection is as stripped down and raw as a recording can get, featuring Tipton with a guitar and his lyrics.

The collection is a continuation of Tipton’s recent work like Basin in the Rock, with soulful songs penned from a stream of enlightened consciousness. A consciousness in touch with life, nature, and the spark that fires it all.

“I have nothing to prove to anyone and up until now, I felt like I did,” Tipton said regarding his new work.

The songs for Stream Engine are being recorded at Verde Farm, Tipton’s home. Just as life as a farmer has changed his perspective, so too has it influenced his music and songwriting. His new found organic lifestyle has inspired songwriting that is also organic. The Stream Engine flowed organically from Tipton’s heart.

Selections from Stream Engine will be released via this website, along with classic Tipton recordings, photos, and perhaps the occasional story from his career spanning three decades.

Watch the blog for updates and fresh tracks.